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Proceedings of the First Workshop on Linking Computational Models of Lexical, Sentential and Discourse-level Semantics

Michael Roth
Annie Louis
Bonnie Webber
Tim Baldwin

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pdf bib Front matter pages
pdf bib An Exploration of Discourse-Based Sentence Spaces for Compositional Distributional Semantics
Tamara Polajnar, Laura Rimell and Stephen Clark
pp. 1–11
pdf bib Linking discourse modes and situation entity types in a cross-linguistic corpus study
Kleio-Isidora Mavridou, Annemarie Friedrich, Melissa Peate Sørensen, Alexis Palmer and Manfred Pinkal
pp. 12–21
pdf bib Recovering discourse relations: Varying influence of discourse adverbials
Hannah Rohde, Anna Dickinson, Chris Clark, Annie Louis and Bonnie Webber
pp. 22–31
pdf bib Semantics and Discourse Processing for Expressive TTS
Rodolfo Delmonte and Rocco Tripodi
pp. 32–43
pdf bib Semantically Enriched Models for Modal Sense Classification
Mengfei Zhou, Anette Frank, Annemarie Friedrich and Alexis Palmer
pp. 44–53
pdf bib Identification and Disambiguation of Lexical Cues of Rhetorical Relations across Different Text Genres
Taraneh Khazaei, Lu Xiao and Robert Mercer
pp. 54–63
pdf bib Bridging Sentential and Discourse-level Semantics through Clausal Adjuncts
Rashmi Prasad, Bonnie Webber, Alan Lee, Sameer Pradhan and Aravind Joshi
pp. 64–69
pdf bib Lexical Level Distribution of Metadiscourse in Spoken Language
Rui Correia, Maxine Eskenazi and Nuno Mamede
pp. 70–75
pdf bib Idiom Paraphrases: Seventh Heaven vs Cloud Nine
Maria Pershina, Yifan He and Ralph Grishman
pp. 76–82
pdf bib Where Was Alexander the Great in 325 BC? Toward Understanding History Text with a World Model
Yuki Murakami and Yoshimasa Tsuruoka
pp. 83–88
pdf bib Predicting word sense annotation agreement
Héctor Martínez Alonso, Anders Johannsen, Oier Lopez de Lacalle and Eneko Agirre
pp. 89–94
pdf bib Distributional Semantics in Use
Raffaella Bernardi, Gemma Boleda, Raquel Fernandez and Denis Paperno
pp. 95–101

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