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Proceedings of the Sixth Workshop on Cognitive Aspects of Computational Language Learning

Robert Berwick (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
Anna Korhonen (University of Cambridge, UK)
Alessandro Lenci (University of Pisa, Italy)
Thierry Poibeau (LATTICE-CNRS,France)
Aline Villavicencio (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)

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pdf bib Front matter pages
pdf bib Using reading behavior to predict grammatical functions
Maria Barrett and Anders Søgaard
pp. 1–5
pdf bib Reading metrics for estimating task efficiency with MT output
Sigrid Klerke, Sheila Castilho, Maria Barrett and Anders Søgaard
pp. 6–13
pdf bib Evaluating Models of Computation and Storage in Human Sentence Processing
Thang Luong, Timothy O’Donnell and Noah Goodman
pp. 14–21
pdf bib An agent-based model of a historical word order change
Jelke Bloem, Arjen Versloot and Fred Weerman
pp. 22–27
pdf bib Towards a Model of Prediction-based Syntactic Category Acquisition: First Steps with Word Embeddings
Robert Grimm, Giovanni Cassani, Walter Daelemans and Steven Gillis
pp. 28–32
pdf bib Which distributional cues help the most? Unsupervised contexts selection for lexical category acquisition
Giovanni Cassani, Robert Grimm, Walter Daelemans and Steven Gillis
pp. 33–39
pdf bib Language Emergence in a Population of Artificial Agents Equipped with the Autotelic Principle
Miquel Cornudella and Thierry Poibeau
pp. 40–44
pdf bib A Computational Study of Cross-situational Lexical Learning of Brazilian Portuguese
Pablo Faria
pp. 45–54
pdf bib Units in segmentation: a computational investigation
Çağrı Çöltekin
pp. 55–64
pdf bib Estimating Grammeme Redundancy by Measuring Their Importance for Syntactic Parser Performance
Aleksandrs Berdicevskis
pp. 65–73
pdf bib Improving Coordination on Novel Meaning through Context and Semantic Structure
Thomas Brochhagen
pp. 74–82
pdf bib Perceptual, conceptual, and frequency effects on error patterns in English color term acquisition
Barend Beekhuizen and Suzanne Stevenson
pp. 83–92
pdf bib Motif discovery in infant- and adult-directed speech
Bogdan Ludusan, Amanda Seidl, Emmanuel Dupoux and Alex Cristia
pp. 93–102
pdf bib Modeling dative alternations of individual children
Antal van den Bosch and Joan Bresnan
pp. 103–112

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