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Fourth Workshop on Vision and Language


Friday, September 18, 2015

08:45–10:30Session 1
08:45–09:00Opening Remarks
Marie-Francine Moens
09:00–10:00Invited Talk 1: Grounding Distributional Semantics in the Visual World
Marco Baroni
10:00–10:30Poster Spotlights 1
10:00–10:05Visually-Verifiable Textual Entailment: A Challenge Task for Combining Language and Vision
Jayant Krishnamurthy
10:05–10:10Computational Integration of Human Vision and Natural Language through Bitext Alignment
Preethi Vaidyanathan, Emily Prud’hommeaux, Cecilia O. Alm, Jeff B. Pelz and Anne R. Haake
10:10–10:15Towards Reliable Automatic Multimodal Content Analysis
Olli Philippe Lautenbacher, Liisa Tiittula, Maija Hirvonen, Jorma Laaksonen and Mikko Kurimo
10:15–10:20Lingusitic Analysis of Multi-Modal Recurrent Neural Networks
Ákos Kádár, Grzegorz Chrupała and Afra Alishahi
10:20–10:25Defining Visually Descriptive Language
Robert Gaizauskas, Josiah Wang and Arnau Ramisa
10:25–10:30Semantic Tuples for Evaluation of Image to Sentence Generation
Lily D. Ellebracht, Arnau Ramisa, Pranava Swaroop Madhyastha, Jose Cordero-Rama, Francesc Moreno-Noguer and Ariadna Quattoni
10:30–11:00Coffee Break
11:00–12:15Session 2
11:00–11:25Image Representations and New Domains in Neural Image Captioning
Jack Hessel, Nicolas Savva and Michael Wilber
11:25–11:50Image with a Message: Towards Detecting Non-Literal Image Usages by Visual Linking
Lydia Weiland, Laura Dietz and Simone Paolo Ponzetto
11:50–12:15Poster Spotlights 2
11:50–11:55Visual Classifier Prediction by Distributional Semantic Embedding of Text Descriptions
Mohamed Elhoseiny and Ahmed Elgammal
11:55–12:00Understanding Urban Land Use through the Visualization of Points of Interest
Evgheni Polisciuc, Ana Alves and Penousal Machado
12:00–12:05Comparing Attribute Classifiers for Interactive Language Grounding
Yanchao Yu, Arash Eshghi and Oliver Lemon
12:05–12:10Combining Geometric, Textual and Visual Features for Generating Prepositions in Image Descriptions (to appear in EMNLP 2015)
Arnau Ramisa, Josiah Wang, Ying Lu, Emmanuel Dellandrea, Francesc Moreno-Noguer and Robert Gaizauskas
12:10–12:15From the Virtual to the Real World: Referring to Visible Objects Under Uncertainty in Real-World Spatial Scenes (to appear in EMNLP 2015)
Dimitra Gkatzia and Verena Rieser
12:15–14:00Poster Session and Lunch
14:00–15:30Session 3
14:00–15:00Invited Talk 2: The ImageCLEF 2015 Task on Scalable Image Annotation, Localization and Sentence Generation
Krystian Mikolajczyk
15:00–15:30Generating Semantically Precise Scene Graphs from Textual Descriptions for Improved Image Retrieval
Sebastian Schuster, Ranjay Krishna, Angel Chang, Li Fei-Fei and Christopher D. Manning
15:30–16:00Coffee Break
16:00–18:00Session 4
16:00–16:25Do Distributed Semantic Models Dream of Electric Sheep? Visualizing Word Representations through Image Synthesis
Angeliki Lazaridou, Dat Tien Nguyen and Marco Baroni
16:25–16:50A Weighted Combination of Text and Image Classifiers for User Gender Inference
Tomoki Taniguchi, Shigeyuki Sakaki, Ryosuke Shigenaka, Yukihiro Tsuboshita and Tomoko Ohkuma
16:50–17:15Coupling Natural Language Processing and Animation Synthesis in Portuguese Sign Language Translation
Inês Almeida, Luísa Coheur and Sara Candeias
17:15–17:40Describing Spatial Relationships between Objects in Images in English and French
Anja Belz, Adrian Muscat, Maxime Aberton and Sami Benjelloun
17:40–18:00Closing Remarks and Discussion